Sites that help a repeating coding offender

As a part of the high tech industry, I am always humbled and awed by the amount of knowledge that engineers know about programming. Sometimes I think, “shoot! why did i not become an engineer? i went to school for it?!”. The answer can be found with the people that have interviewed me , and retardation. So here’s an ongoing list of resources that i managed to pry from the cold semi-dead hands of my eng friends:


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Murphy’s & Finagle’s Law

Murphy’s Law: Things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance.

Finagle’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will—at the worst possible moment.


Just a clarification! You can think it later.

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ModelsHotel: Do they only serve liquid food room service?

As I read techcrunch article “If you’re not a Model, Don’t Bother Reading This”, I am reminded that one great thing about online social networks is that no one is ever denied entrance. This is probably because an email membership is free and nondiscriminatory – which is nice because personality and inner beauty shine through 0’s and 1’s much better than body measurements or past felony records.

On an informational/data last note, ModelsHotel has given a nice list of Ivy
that their clientele must have at least a GPA of 32-22-34 with.

(My apologies for the plus size models. You guys are totally underrepresented. When you get hungry at this new hotel and they don’t serve any solids, think green and eat the skinny models to even out the score.)

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My Nerd Test Score says I'm a Kinda Dorky Nerd Queen.  What are you?  Click here!

I think it’s interesting that one of the “Quick fun facts” is

57.4% of test takers are gals,
40.3% are guys

I got this test from digg (fav tshirt btw).

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Well here comes the surge in blogging…

.. due to the outage of twitter.  LOVE the maintenance cat pic by the way. This is obviously a factor that the web metrics world should coin, or have they already coined a term for “when your competitor is fucked, the rest of us will divvy up the traffic”. I’d personally like to know! Maybe I’ll ask the nice man who created (which is now no longer, but I hear pud is still as funny) what term he used, and maybe cross reference it with the divine Avinash Kaushik.

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You are a bitch and he’s just a dog.

The question of the day is:

    If you were a dog, what type of dog would you be?

You may blurt or mumble “a working dog” since, well most folks work, but you’re probably wrong because most working dogs LIKE to work. This group of dogs live to take commands and execute them, with no other compensation but food and shelter.  If you do do what you do for the shear pleasure of doing it (your employer must be thrilled!) and not the 20% profits on IPOs or buy outs in between work, some of the name brands you can chose from include the Rottweiler, Boxer, Siberian Husky, Saint Bernard, and the Great Dane.  They want nothing more than to carry your bags, pull your sleigh and retrieve people from near death environments.

Maybe you’re more of a sports fanatic. While you do work there’s nothing more pleasant to you than to throw the ol’ pig skin around or rock climb or bob-sledding. You take vacations in the wild! You go biking before work, during lunch, and after work. Training for triathlon is more like hitting the gym for you, and you have a permanent tan from hiking. Then you’re more likely to be one of those Sporting group pups; always active and ready for the next (fowl) retrieval, or swimming or romping around. Your can choose most of the spaniels, pointers, and retrievers. If you’ve got foreign flair there’s always the Irish Setter, Spinone Italiano, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

If all this work and running around is just not your cup of tea and you’d rather be sitting in the sun, or in bed, or sitting in your bed under the sun trying to break the world record for number of times one can nod off in a day then you’re probably going to mirror some canine in the toy group.  Pint sized and cuteoverload recommended, this group contains the pekingese (think waddles instead of walking), chihuahuas, pugs, maltese, and the king charles spaniel (yeah, these guys were bred for sleeping on royalty)! Not all of these little guys are sleepaholics. Most of them are also very agile and active, just not for too long since, well smaller sentients have higher metabolisms and they will die if trying to keep up with the previous two groups.

If none of the above fit your personality, but you really like digging, running inside holes underground, or finding things in holes under the ground, look in the terrier group. I hear they’re known to be a bit hyper. Probably because few of them are actually utilized correctly. This little long bodied dogs are good for pest/rat catching, underground, inside holes. So, if you like playing in dirt, despise rats and are hyperactive then maybe you’re a terrier.

I personally don’t know anyone that would want to be represented by any dog from the hound group, due to their stereotypic ultra-drooling skills and ol’ droopy look, but I bet they also didn’t know that the graceful greyhound and accessory-like Borzoi were in this group either. I think the the AKC groupings are a bit fugged up because they claim that the hound group are totally about the nose power, but yet the greyhound is a sight-driven pup. Anyfoo, there’s always that black sheep. So, if you’re into smells or work in a perfume shop or your house constantly smells like something made by Glade maybe you’re in the right area here.

Oh, if you punch into work at or you like crowd control, the the Herding group is your schtick. Anyone from NYPD that volunteer to work on December 31st in Times Square would probably chose one of these to represent. Infact, you can SEE some of them on the beat in the K-9 units! These pups are the German Shephards, Border Collies, Australian Cattle Dog, and Old English Sheepdog. Jesus probably would say, “Yeah I’m a Canaan plus a crown of thorns man.”.

There’s the anonymous other groups like the non-sporting and the misc group but I think those groups were made because the AKC are slow and stupid and don’t know what to do with the dogs that don’t have a (mis)categorization.

Anyfoo, fun question for thought.

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lovable friend

After coming to this death valley, I did manage to pick up a couple of cool pallies. Today’s featured example can be found here at her blog. Aside from being attractive, smart, friendly, honest, and consistently inviting me out of my semipermeable shell she totally embraces her fellow yellows by participating in all sorts of publicly deprecating fun asian clubs!

And guys, on her rest days she WoWs. No I don’t have any pictures, but you can find them. Yes she’s all scooped up now.

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